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RP5C01 Ricoh (RTC)

Echtzeit-Uhr mit internem RAM


The RP/RF5C01A are real-time clocks for microcomputers that can be connected directly to buses of microcomputers with such CPUs as the 8085A or Z80 and allow setting or reading of the clock with the same procedures as for the Read/Write operation for memory. These products have various features such as clock and calendar counters, alarm functions, and 26 ´ 4bits RAM which can be backed up by batteries. They can then be used as non-volatile RAM.

im A4000-CR
  • direkter Anschluß an die CPU
  • 4bit bidirectionaler Datenbus : D0 - D3
  • 4bit address input : A0 - A3
  • Built-in clock counter (hour, minute, second) and calendar counter (leap year, year, month, day, day-of-the-week)
  • Supports both 12-hour AM/PM clock and 24-hour clock
  • All clock data expressed in BCD codes • ±30 second adjustment function
  • Backed up by batteries (minimum:2.2V) • Built-in 26 ´ 4bits RAM
  • Outputs alarm signals or timing pulse of 16Hz or 1Hz.
  • Gehäuse : 18pin DIP (RP5C01A) oder 18pin SOP(RF5C01A)

Pinbelegung / Pinout

Ricoh RP5C01

im Amiga

TypCommo-Nr. C= Bezeichnung C= Info Form Editors Info
A 390525-01IC RP5C01 REAL TIMEA-3000DIP-18
B 391557-01IC RF5C01A RTC RICOHSMD AMIGA-1200SO-18

VorkommenAnzahlTypPosition Bemerkung
A3000 1 A U190,-
A3000-T 1 A U190,-
A4000 1 A U178,-
A4000cr 1 A U178,-
A4000-T 1 A U180,-
A1200 1 B ?? -

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