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Mysterium DMAC -04

DMAC -04 gibt's nicht ?

Laut Herrn Berlin (Commodore) schon:

1) Replace the -04 Ramsey with the newer version (-07). This requires

  that the -02 DMAC be replaced with a -04 DMAC also, since a -07
  Ramsey requires the new DMAC to work properly.
  Replacing the DMAC with the -04 has other advantages as well - the
  -04 is more reliable and provides additional performance.
  Static Column mode will now work, and can be re-enabled to provide
  the additional performance with the 68040.

(egal, für welche Sache dieser Text auch sein mag)

im Amiga

TypCommo-Nr.Commo-ArtikelCommo-InfoForm Editors Info
A 390537-02IC DMAC A-3000
B 390537-04IC DMAC SUPER CGAAMIGA-600 - 3000
C 390563-01IC DMAC A590
D 390563-02IC DMAC ENHANCED A590

VorkommenAnzahlTypPosition Bemerkung
Axx 1 A U,-
Axx 1 U,-


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