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Advertisement: A reference book round about Amiga ...

Repair manuals
Parts and wiring diagrams
and more …

Detail A4000-T

Everyone can read - Everyone can write. So go ahead …

amigawiki to make centrally available to anyone any information. From young to old, from beginner to professional. Where Wikipedia ceases we want to go on much here. Because a Wiki system, as opposed to a Web page to a blog, quite clearly the advantage that here everyone can contribute something. Known, but missing information can go here around the clock even further ado. Relevance here means not deletion, but everything should be represented for Amiga here: from basic knowledge to expert know-how.

Among the highlights are here, the newly created circuit diagrams in Vector format and further information on all components soon. Currently, the PAL / GAL devices are processed, so that the Amiga in this area we will retain a long time.

It is far from finished. So a reference book in the making. Therefore, every contribution, any help welcome warmly :

        Welcome at

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